Rose Bond

Pacific Northwest College of Art

Building the Adjacent: Poetics and Projections


At the core of this symposium is a dynamic concept of adjacency. Not just ‘adjacent’ as in flanking or what happens to be literally next door – but more the notion that by calling forth the removed, the forgotten, perhaps by taking a sideways look (Merleau-Ponty) one can suggest relationships, forge linkages – invite a fresh view, gain a new interpretation, for what may have even seemed banal. Integral to this definition is the concept of agency. Adjacencies of this sort are built.

While urban projections are most notable for their scale and spectacle, this paper will examine three large scale works that gain traction more for their range of emotion than their ‘Wow Factor’. Site-specific, these multi-window rear projections co-habitate with architecture and locale. Drawing content from place-based research, they tap into the layered accretions of memory tracing shadows of human presence to find what lies latent.

Through the lens of adjacency, I have selected three of my animated installations: Illumination No. 1 (2002 Portland), Gates of Light (2004 NYC) and Broadsided! (2010 Exeter UK) for a closer look into the creative decision making that calls forth suggestions of meaning and emotion. While acknowledging that the content was gleaned from historic and social research, I will explore how animation and cinema can work in multi-screen public spaces to enhance our ways of looking and knowing. In the case of this work, morphing creates adjacencies – editing creates adjacencies. Choreography of multiple windows creates adjacencies. Bringing the strategies of animation, the syntax of film and the dimensionality of installation into the creative mix constructs entwined meanings and unfolds content for a cognitive and affective experience.


Rose Bond, animator and media artist has been internationally recognized for her monumental, content-driven, animated installations. Her themes are often drawn from the site, existing at the juncture of memory, architecture and public/private space. Her installations have illuminated urban spaces in Portland, Zagreb, Toronto, Exeter UK, Utrecht and New York. In 2016 Bond directed her first feature length animated projection performed live with Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalila. Bond’s direct animation films have been presented at major international festivals and are held in the MoMA Film Collection. Canadian by birth, Bond is based in Portland, Oregon where she leads Animated Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.


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