Elliot Woods

Kimchi and Chips

Real and/or Imaginary


Elliot will discuss the flows of thinking between Kimchi and Chips artworks including their series “Drawing in the Air,” which attempts to draw external connections between life and death and their contributions to tool making for dissident realities. The talk will look at how artworks can present phenomena that highlight gaps in the paradigms of the viewer. By focusing on this incompleteness, the viewer is invited to rebuild his or her own reality paradigms. This journey will feature past works of the studio and art pieces currently under development and the methods behind them. These artworks draw physical ghosts into space and time, materialize second moons in the sky and bring the sun down to earth.

Kimchi and Chips’ designs often require technical solutions that run counter to the ambitions of the corporation’s product departments. In reaction to this, Elliot as the technical lead has frequently created tools or contributed to open source projects which adjust the possibilities for artists and designers. Notably, this includes contributing to the openFrameworks and VVVV projects, educating people on how to hack low cost video projectors so they can replicate expensive large-scale projectors, and by releasing and teaching an open source software toolkit called Rulr. Rulr brings together highlights from a decade of Kimchi and Chips codebase into an easy to use graphical tool, which the studio uses in the creation of their latest artworks.


Elliot Woods is a digital media artist from Manchester, UK. He tests possible futures between humans and visual design technologies (e.g. cameras, projectors, computation). Towards this goal, Elliot co-founded Kimchi and Chips, an experimental art studio based in Seoul with Mimi Son. He applies his academic studies in physics to produce sense-able phenomena from abstract systems.

Website: http://kimchiandchips.com/